It has already been established that Faster Than Light (FTL) effects were involved in the creation of the Universe. (See Big Bang Busted and The Gospel) God created the cosmos on the order of 6,000 years ago, yet we can see galaxies that are billions of light years away. One could surmise the FTL effects occurred during creation week, but not since then. However, we can see stars exploding and galaxies in collision. These are effects of the Curse that was placed on nature in response to the sin of Adam and Eve. This occurred AFTER creation week  was over. While the laws of physics may have been different than they are now, during creation week (the laws of physics themselves might have been being created during creation week), assumably the laws of physics have remained the same since creation week ended. That means that effects of the Curse - such as colliding galaxies - have happened within the framework of physics as it exists today.

The term "Faster Than Light" is used, but that's based on the speed of light as it is measured close to the earth. Light travels faster at cosmic distances, AND/OR SOMETHING ELSE about the laws of physics is different on the universal scale than they are near earth. Will we ever discover the macro-scale physics? Will we ever be able to apply it, and go faster than what we earthlings presently call the speed of light?

Like I've mentioned earlier, it seems likely that we are denied access to most of the universe because of Sin and the Curse. Also history is short (and is going to be short) compared to what the mainstream scientific community asserts. It's going to be short because Christ could rapture the church and kick off the Great Tribulation period at any moment. The Great Tribulation is prophesied in the biblical book of Revelation, and marks the beginning of the end of history as we have known it. Following the Tribulation, Christ will return in glory to rule over the earth for a thousand years - the Millenium. After that, Satan will be released form his prison (where he will be during the Millenium) to deceive the nations again for a short while. After this, God will destroy this cosmos; in Peter it says "the elements will melt with fervent heat." There will be the Great White Throne Judgment of non-believers and the Judgment Seat of Christ  for believers. Then God will replace this cosmos with a "new heavens and a new earth - the home of righteousness." Then creation will be set for eternity.

While we could theoretically be going FTL during the MIllenium, this is not hinted at, one way or the other, in the Bible. And while Christians may be able to travel like angels in the new cosmos that will replace this one - outside our current constraints of physical travel - one could speculate about whether there will be engineering in the new, eternal universe. Maybe what we would call FTL will be a part of the laws of physics then, as it is now.

But one does not necessarily have to rule out FTL in THIS cosmos, in THIS age. If it's physically possible now - and one can reasonably assert that it is - then maybe we will discover some these as-yet-unknown laws of physics, in the present age. To travel using these laws? Doubtful in this age but...who knows?

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